The best ideas are born after too much wine, and our story is no different.

Sitting around many dinner tables, and a few glasses into the evening, we constantly found ourselves asking our friends and family the same question, what is the best way to freshen up before and after an intimate moment?And despite some quick-fixes being thrown around, we all agreed there had to be something better out there than tissues and baby wipes.

We saw an opportunity to create a natural product that could be used by anyone, at any time, to leave you feeling clean and confident no matter what pleasure you sought. 

And so, two good friends would create After Dark Intimate Wipes – and we couldn’t be prouder!

After Dark Intimate Wipes have been designed to give everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, a VIP intimate experience through the clever combination of natural cleansing elements applied to 100% bamboo material. These little beauties are antibacterial and PH balanced, meaning their cleaning powers can be used on you and your collection toys.

Designed with the busy, sexually active person in mind, After Dark Intimate Wipes come in two types of packaging meaning our ever-moist wipes can be kept by your bed and in your bag. Say farewell to that post-sex dash to the shower! Hell yes!

Building on the success of our wipes, we wanted to introduce a new, indulgent After Dark natural experience. Our Australian made 100% organic hemp seed oil is the latest product we’ve made for every single body to enjoy.  This supercharged oil is packed with health benefits including moisturising abilities, anti-ageing properties, eczema treatment and hair treatments.

We could talk to each other about our range all day and all night, but we would prefer to talk to YOU! If you have any questions or feedback about After Dark, we would love to hear from you.  Chat to us any time at xx.

Yours in natural care,

Alexus & Bel xx