We’re on a mission to provide everyone with a universal cleansing solution no matter what sticky situation you’re in.

In a time when we’ve all got a crazy amount of stuff going on, it can be hard to know what to use when life’s messes throws themselves at you. And don’t even get us started on finding something that’s natural, sustainable, versatile, convenient and vegan friendly that’s only going to bring your body sunshine and rainbows.

You can thank us later, we’ve done the research and (so many!) trial and errors so you don’t have to.

Our After Dark Intimate Wipes are made from 100% bamboo and contain aloe vera which is enriched with Vitamin E – yaaas - that can be used on every part of every body! The cherry on top? The bamboo material we use provides an extra soft and silky cleanse by holding on to the refreshing moisture, so you’re always going to feel fresh to death after using one of these bad boys.

So, by now you’re thinking, should I be using After Dark Intimate Wipes? Short answer, yes. But if you’re still not sure, do you:

* Have sex

* Have bad memories of using a public toilet

* Work out

* Have rendezvous

* Menstruate

* Wear make up

* Own a toy

* Sweat

* Go to music festivals

* Swipe right too quickly

* Use a menstrual cup

* Go camping

* Masturbate

* Go on long haul flights

* Have a body

If you’ve answered yes to ANY of these then you absolutely need After Dark Intimate Wipes in your life.

After Dark Intimate Wipes can be used by males, females and everyone in between.

They are also anti-bacterial, PH balanced & alcohol free, which means you can enjoy the satisfaction of all of your sins being expertly wiped away.

Still not convinced? Our unique formula is hyperallergenic which means – you guessed it – our wipes are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Every body can use them. No ifs, not buts.

For those of you looking to up the anti with your After Dark experience, you can’t go passed our 100% Organic Hemp Seed oil.

We are just so in LOVE and besotted with this product. Being one of the only products in the market full of Omega 3,6, and 9, this rare diamond works overtime so your whole body can be its best self.

It offers so many benefits and can be used for just about anything on any one. We use it for:

* Massage oil

* Skin moisturiser

* Anti-aging skin care

* Treating eczema

* Treating our hair

* Treating dandruff

* Removing makeup

* Adding a teaspoon to our smoothie

* Soothing rashes and other irritated skin

* Fighting acne

* Fading varicose veins

So, if you’re ready to live your best life, then invest in After Dark. You’ll never look back.